The Only Franchised Resistor Specialist

3d出好振幅走势图感觉since 1979 justin electronics has been a franchised resistor specialist in both military and commercial resistor products. the justin team of resistor specialists, combined with an extensive inventory has enabled justin to be the recipient of numerous awards and accolades from our customers for quality and on time delivery. justin is recognized by our franchised manufacturers for it’s excellence in both service and dependability. we are extremely proud of the reputation we have achieved throughout our many years in business. we are totally committed to maintaining our status as a leader in resistor distribution.

3d出好振幅走势图感觉with certifications to as9120a – iso9001:2008 and the implementation of a counterfeit mitigation policy, along with our commitment of excellence enables us to maintain and surpass the company’s internal goals.

we ask that you please take a moment to browse our website for an in depth view of our company and its many capabilities.

Thank you,


Franchised Lines

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